Our ISRCEP is now in its tenth day (Friday, Jan. 18th) and all are now in Raipur.  But let's return to the beginning.

Most of the participants met one another in the Frankfort Airport enroute to India.  What a lively time getting to know one another and trying with several languages to learn about the others! 

They have spent the first part of their time together in southern India in Bangalore and Kerala.  There was a visual presentation on the art and architecture of the National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre where they were housed and sightseeing in Bangalore.  In addition, they visited at the Jyoti Sahi's art ashram. Then a flight  to Trivandrum on the sea coast, which is home place for some of the Indian Sisters.  Many cities were visited to get the early European and Christian history.  This included Kodungallur, the ancient capitol of Kerala, where the apostle Thomas landed in 52 A.D. 

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