True to the theme, the ISRCEP organized by the Indian region was   ‘A Journey into the mind and soul of India.’  It was a multifaceted search - an excursion beneath the surface.  The enthused participants explored into the ancient spirituality, culture and religious traditions of this land.  The highlights of this pilgrimage were   the various presentations that showed how Christianity, Franciscan tradition    and our congregational presence got rooted in this land. 
I have only deep appreciation for the participants who came to India.     They were very open, adjustable and   receptive.   A sense of ‘we feeling’ pervaded our group right from the   commencement of the programme.    Crossing   the barriers of languages, cultures we interacted with one another as true sisters.      Some participants came as strangers to this land and we parted as true sisters and friends.  
We recognized that beyond all our cultural, linguistic personal belief there is an underlying unity and sisterhood that bind us.  I feel proud to belong to such an international family!  True to my ancestral (Hindu) belief, if I have a second birth I would certainly opt to be a HOSPITAL SISTER…  (by Sr. Lima)