Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Ramona Klich

✝ Saturday, April 13th 2019

For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.
(Phil 1:21)

In faithful reliance on the resurrection, the earthly life of our dear Sister M. Romana, the former Anges Klich, was completed on April 13, 2019 in Opole-Stephanshöh.

Sister M. Romana was born in Dürwalde, district Tost-Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia/Poland on February 12, 1938.She entered the Congregation on March 6, 1965, and professed her first vows on October 28, 1967.

According to the apostolate of our Congregation, Sister M. Romana was educated as a nurse. In 1966, Sister M. Romana successfully completed her studies and worked initially as a nurse in the hospital in Rückers (county Glatz). From 1977 - 1986 she worked in the outpatient room of the weaving factory in Ullersdorf and then, until 1998 in the medical center in Ullersdorf. Sister M. Romana retired in 1998. Then she served in the parish church in Ullersdorf until 2015. Her last Apostolate was the Apostolate of prayer and suffering.

She is remembered by the Sisters and the people whom she served as an energetic, friendly and diligent Sister. She did not spare herself in her ministry, especially in caring for the sick, as well as in the Church and in the community. Her helpfulness and cheerfulness was appreciated by many and especially by the Sisters. While working as an outpatient nurse, she also noted other needs of the people and she was trying to eliminate, especially the poverty and abandonment of the children.

She was very interested in the life of the community, the parish, the church and the mission. Despite her diminishing health, she was found every day in front of the Blessed Sacrament. As far as she could, she gladly participated in the events in the community.

Health problems, which have been strong for a month, made it necessary that she was taken to the nursing home in Opole-Stephanshöh. She hoped to get help, but the next day her health condition deteriorated so rapidly, that she was transferred to the hospital in Opole. Despite all medical care, it was impossible to help her. With deep faith in God, she awaited full of confidence the coming of her Savior and Redeemer, who called her to eternity, this early morning about 5:45 AM.

Grateful for her life in the healing ministry of our Congregation, we say farewell to Sister M. Romana. We remember her in prayer and remain united with her.