Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Areta Beckmann

✝ Thursday, May 9th 2019

"I am the resurrection and the life; 
whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live."
     (John 11:25)

 Sister M. Areta was born on October 9, 1934 in Ahaus-Wessum. She entered our Congregation on April 7, 1964. With her first profession of vows, she followed the invitation of Jesus to give her life completely to Him, to follow His word and to serve the people.

When Sister M. Areta entered our Congregation, she had already earned a registered nursing license at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Gelsenkirchen-Erle. She had been working there as a surgical nurse for several years. In our Congregation she served for about 22 years in the surgery room of various hospitals:

in St. Joseph Hospital in Bremerhaven, in Marien Hospital in Schwalmtal-Lobberich, in Marien Hospital in Schermbeck and in Maria Josef Hospital in Greven. Sister M. Areta enjoyed great trust among all employees, working together with her. With very much love she cared for the sick.

In 1986, because of increasing health problems, Sister M. Areta had to give up this work, which had become so precious to her. She changed to St. Borromäus-Hospital in Leer. Here she worked in the patient library. In 1988, she went to St. Marien-Hospital in Ankum. First, she committed herself in the emergency ambulance and then in the library. In 1999, Sister M. Areta returned to her home town, to St. Marien Hospital in Ahaus. Here, she worked for about 17 years in the patient library. It gave her much joy, to maintain contacts with the patients and their relatives.

In May 2017, Sister M. Areta went to St. Francis House in Nordwalde. She was grateful to continue to live close to her hometown and she kept close contacts with her family.

Sister M. Areta was a very humorous Franciscan Sister, a woman of prayer. She was very fond of doing needlework, and she knit a lot for Lithuania.

About nine months ago, Sister M. Areta suffered an apoplex, from which she did not recover. She was now dependent upon help and care. Believing and trusting she continued to walk the path of a disciple of Christ, knowing herself safe and secure in God's good hands.

Morning about 11.45 on 09 May 2019, Sister M. Areta was released from her suffering. In love and gratitude, we say our farewell to her and remember her in prayer. We know that God brought her life to completion in His love.