Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Menigna

✝ Wednesday, January 15th 2020

              “In quietness and trust lies your strength” Is 30,15b

On January 15, 2020, in St. Francis-Convent in Gross-Doebern, Silesia, Poland completed the earthly life of our loved Sister M. Menigna  Adamaszek. 

Sister M. Menigna was born in Proskau O.S., Poland on December 18, 1934.  She entered the Congregation on July 16, 1955, and professed her religious vows on Mai 3, 1958.

In the first years of her religious life, from 1957 to 1961, Sister M. Menigna worked as a nursing assistant in the nursing home for children in Gierałcice, Namslau district. Then she worked until 1977 as a nanny in the nursing home for children in Rengersdorf. In the same year she completed her training as a nurse in Wroclaw and worked until 1979 as a nurse in the nursing home St. Alexius in Opole. Later she took over the service of the superior in St. Monika Convent in Boguszyn, where she carried out her task until 1989.

Then she moved to Gross Doebern, the Home for the Elderly, where she cared with love, generosity and patience as a nurse the people with selflessness and pastoral care.   Her balanced, calm and quiet way of dealing with the residents and fellow sisters was an expression of her Franciscan way of life. In addition to her professional service, she was always ready and committed to take on many domestic tasks. Sister M. Menigna remains in the sisters' memory as a praying sister, faithful to the Lord, calm, humble, hardworking and available.

Sister M. Menigna has been ill for several years and has patiently endured her weakness. For a short time, she was a patient in the nursing home in Opole-Stephanshöh, where the sisters and the staff did everything to strengthen her. After a year she came back to Gross Doebern.

A few days ago, her health suddenly deteriorated. She received the sacraments consciously and was longing for God's redemption. In the presence of her praying fellow sisters, she returned to her father's house.

We thank God for the life of our Sister M. Menigna in our community, and ask Him to reward her goodness with eternal peace.