Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Bertrada Weidel

✝ Tuesday, March 9th 2021

"I can't run anymore, but I would like to pass the torch to you, like in the Olympics. You only have one life; it is worth living it well.” Chiara Badano

On March 9, 2021, our Lord called to himself Sister M. BERTRADA Weidel.  Sister M. Bertrada was born on November 14, 1929 in Łubniany (Lugnian) near Opole. She entered our Congregation on February 3, 1951. She made her first profession on May 4, 1954.

Sister M. Bertrada served the sick and disabled people from the very beginning of her religious life. First, at the Hospital in Opole as nurse and later, from 1953-1975 in the Nursing Home in Prószków, until 1985. In Groß Döbern, where she was also convent superior and director of the Nursing Home.  During this time, she also held the office of provincial council. For a short time, she was in St. Monika near Glatz, where she served the sisters and guests as a cook.   For the next 21 years, she worked in the children’s Nursing Home in Ludwigsdorf, as convent superior, nurse and occupational therapist. From 2007, she lived in Opole-Stephanshöh and served with a dedicated heart among the sick and the nursing staff, engaged in pastoral care and gardening. Sister M. Bertrada did many, many good things for the citizens wherever she was.

In 2008, Sister M. Bertrada received the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Groß Döbern” On this occasion she received a certificate in which the characteristics of her religious services were described: 

“Sister M. Bertrada - receives this title of honorary citizen from the municipality of Groß Döbern as an expression of recognizing her many years devoted service to the sick, abandoned and lonely residents of the city. In addition, for the commitment and determination to expand the home for the elderly in Groß Döbern and for succeeding in expanding the kindergarten in Klein Döbern.”

All her life she served the sick, abandoned and lonely, for whom the Nursing Home became a new home - often their first home. Devotion to others, joy and a sense of humor characterized her service and care for the sick, the disabled and all those in need. “Wherever she was, whatever she did, everywhere she left a good, concrete mark of joy, diligence, love, and above all she was a sister of prayer, thinking of everyone." Always energetic, strong, diligent and constantly cheerful. She was appreciated and loved for her cordiality, openness and generosity. For her these attitudes had been an essential dimension of witness to the goodness of God and to Franciscan values.

On February 12, 2021, she was taken to the hospital in Opole, for a surgery. However, her health continued to deteriorate. On March 9, 2021 at 00.50 PM, the Lord called her to Himself.  We trust that God accepted the sacrifice of her life for our religious community, for the sick and the disabled, for friends and benefactors. We believe that she will receive the heavenly reward for all the good that she has done on earth.

Holy Mass for the deceased Sister will be celebrated on Saturday, March 13, 2021 at St. Joseph Church in Opole, Stephanshöh at 11.00. After the Eucharist, burial will take place at the Municipal cemetery in Opole.