Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Advent 2021


“Advent is a continuous call to hope,” said Pope Francis during the First Sunday of Advent Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in 2020.  He continued, “It reminds us that God is present in history to lead it to its ultimate goal and to its fullness, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

We are aware that our world is confronting one of the worst economic crises in recent history – the COVID-19 pandemic – while facing numerous other challenges, such as climate change and grave inequity. We do not know what to expect from one day to the next. We are fatigued and looking for hope and healing. 

Pope Francis said, “We are confidently waiting for the Lord who allows us to find comfort and courage in the dark moments of our lives.” Advent reminds us that Christ came to us in human form to share our experience as humans.

As we begin this advent season, let us pause for a while and discern the works of God in our lives.  God enters into the heart of our suffering and challenges, bringing the promise of life and hope. God look at us, and cares for us and leads us to heal our brokenness. 

Let us find strength and hope in God’s presence even in moments of darkness.  May these days of preparation for the birth of Christ bring us hope and healing. Wish you graceful season of Advent.