Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Convention of German Catholics in Münster (Katholikentag) 2018!

Seek Peace is the theme of the 101th Catholic convention that was held from May 9-13, 2018, in Münster, Germany. The history of it goes back to 1848. This movement was initiated by the Catholic laypersons.  In those years, it was held every year.  Later by 1950, it is conducted biannually.  It is a mega event honored tradition.

This year a record of 90,000 guests came from throughout Germany and from around the world to Münster city (Nordrhein-Westfalen) to experience the catholic convention for five days. 
The Central Committee of German Catholics, together with the diocese of Münster, arranged splendidly varied programs for children, young people, adults, and people with handicaps, families and senior citizens, for the faithful and for those who have lost contact with the Church.

There were more than 1000 programs arranged in the different parts of the Münster city.  The convention focused on spiritual, Political, current issues of the world, and vibrant topics relating to the motto - seek Peace.

The catholic convention invited everyone: Christians, believers of other religions and people simply interested in the Christian belief and the activities of the church.

These days were open to reflections of life in the church and tried to bring people of all ages from all parts of Germany and the world together. It also focused to shape future and to regain one’s own strength in seeking peace. 

On 11th, our Sisters together with the St. Francis Hospital arranged one-day program in the motherhouse compound and Fraziskus Stiftung with the theme seek Peace – Find FrancisMore than 700 people participated in this one-day program.

Saturday there was a pilgrimage from Münster by walking to Telgte to the Grace Chapel about 13 Kilometers.  More than 1000 Pilgrims took part in it and the pilgrimage concluded with a Eucharistic celebration presided over by Bishop Felix Genn in Telgte. 

Motherhouse had many guests these days to stay overnight. All those who spend the days with us in the motherhouse were appreciating the hospitality and the Franciscan spirit of our sisters. 

Many of our sisters took part in various programs in the city.  The five days gathering was a memorable experience for all the people participated. 

The Catholic Convention ended with the open-air Eucharistic celebration by Cardinal Reinhard Marx.  He invited everyone to seek for peace in a world faced with inner turmoil.