Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Easter 2020

„I have risen, and I am with you still, alleluia!”

 (Entrance Antiphon, Easter Morning)

Easter message from Sister Margarete Ulager, our General Superior.

The feast of Easter 2020 will be completely different from anything we have experienced before. Without celebrating the Holy Week liturgy together, without celebrating the Eucharist on Easter Night and Easter Morning, all will be different historically.  Nevertheless, dear Sisters, we remain deeply connected to one another across continents. 

On Easter Vigil, our Lord Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. That is why the Church all over the world holds this Night holy. Every year, when the darkness quietly replaces daylight and night falls over the meridian circle, we gather in silence in the church. We can experience how the light of the Easter candle illuminates the darkness and the glow of the candles gradually illuminate the dark church warmly. 

When later the great hymn of the church, the Exultant, is sung at the beginning of the Easter Liturgy, we are invited by these wonderful words to see in the candle also a call to ourselves and to our togetherness in the community of the Church, whose reason is, to let the light of Christ shine upon the world (Ratzinger 2012, p.1).

Through your being, your devotion and your prayer, you are a beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ our Lord, who has risen from the dead and unites God and man in the light of Easter.  The Exultant reminds us of this truth on Easter Night, this truly "blessed night" - in which the Lord has risen and reconciles heaven and earth. The Easter candle is a very humble symbol of this.

At this time, let us ask the Lord that the warmth and power of the light of Easter will come to those who have lost a loved one, who suffer and feel powerless in the face of the global crisis. Let us ask HIM, that we ourselves where we stand, carry HIS light into the world through our goodness, our compassion and our solidarity.

We wish you and your loves ones a blessed Easter and the joy that the “Lord has truly risen”!

Your Franciscan Sisters from the General Administration.