Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

General Assembly of the German Religious Orders -2018 (DOK)

From June, 10 -13, 2018  around 230 religious leaders  in Vallendar came together for the general assembly of the German Religious Orders (DOK)  with the theme:  - "Vocation" as God's "life project". 

The study part of the conference covered the aspects of the topic of the planned XV October 2018. Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican. This is entitled "The Youth, the Faith and the Vocation Discrimination".Prof.  Dr. Ludger Ägidius Schulte OFMCap., Münster, gave his lecture entitled "In search of our identity. Rediscovering the Christian vocation.”

As part of the General Assembly, the regular elections to the board of DOK took place. The newly elected board members are: Sr. Dr. Katharina Kluitmann OSF – Chair Person Fr. Bruno Robeck OCist.: Vice Chair Person. The other board members elected are: : Abbot Markus Eller OSB, Sr. Regina Pröls,  Br. Lukas Jünemann CFP, Sr. Scholastika Jurt OP, General Prioress of the Dominicans Arenberg, Father Peter Kreutzwald OP, and Sr. Hildegard Schreier MC, 

Conference closed with a word of appreciation and gratitude to the former chairperson of the DOK, Abbot Hermann-Josef Kugler O.Praem and to all the other former board members. 

Sister Christa Maria and Sr. M. Rita took part in the General Assembly from Generalate and Sister M. Herbertis and Sr. M. Otgundis from the German Province.  Sisters informed that it was an enriching experience and lot of important information’s were given.  Sisters are grateful for this opportunity to take part in this Assembly.