Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Lent 2018


Lent is a time of discernment. Discernment is a spiritual process inviting us to repair our relationship with God and with others. During meditation, the first question in the Bible set my heart racing as God asks ‘Where are you?’ (Gensis 3:9).

Each year the question: “where are you?” challenges each of us.

If we believe that God knew where Adam was, then why did God question him?  God invites Adam to reflection, to discover where he is spiritually and to acknowledge what is keeping him from walking with the Lord. During this encounter with God, Adam realizes his nakedness.   

Do I run away from God by refusing to celebrate life and hiding myself from God? If my outlook on life is bleak and my attitude is negative, something hinders me from living in His presence.  Might this be human frailty or unworthiness?

Reflections lead me to the New Testament. The first question the wise men ask is “Where is He”? (Mathew 2:2.)

The response to the question of the wise men is Bethlehem, an unknown village. Today, do I find God in new places, in chance encounters with people not known to me? In people who are lonely, poor, rich, young, old and the sick? Where do I search for God?   

In the Gospel story of the Prodigal Son, the father patiently waits for his son to return.  This poignant story reveals the benevolent mercy of God. 

This truth is certain: God is searching for us.  Are we searching for Him?  Where will HE find me and where will I find HIM?

During these days of Lent, let us acknowledge and repent of our sins. God is faithful, just and forgives our sins. We are cleansed  from all our wrongdoings. (1John 1:9).

We may have experienced many seasons of Lent.  May this Lent help us find our way to God and to others. May these days of discernment be grace-filled.