Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Pentecost 2019

This year as Pope Francis met the Orthodox church leaders in Romania, he said: We have set out toward a new Pentecost. (31st May, 2019)

It is a feast that invites to experience the activity of the Holy Spirit in our personal lives.  The metaphors and symbols of words used in the Bible to explain Holy Spirit are: water, fire, breath, wind, dove and more.  The movement of the Holy Spirit is very personal.  Therefore, when we pray daily the simple prayer “come, Holy Spirit, come,” from depths of our heart, we invite the Spirit of God to come and fill our lives personally. 

We encounter Holy Spirit in every moment of our lives. The Spirit of God reaches out to us with God’s love and grace in moments of beauty, love, joy, stillness, newness and much more.  Holy Spirit touches us, even in our pain, disappointments, grief, struggle and loneliness.  We need to recognize and respond to this ever present activity of the Holy Spirit.

May the Pentecost help us to set out towards to open to the activities of the Holy Spirit in the world, in the church and in our own personal lives. Happy Pentecost!