Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Rosmi


Sr.M.Rosmi was born on February 12, 1970 at Thanneermukam in Kerala. She has two brothers and a sister. She is the youngest one in the family and received much love and affection from her parents. Her father was a farmer who worked hard for the family and her mother being a prayerful woman supported him in every way.

Her Childhood

She recalls her being a naughty girl and was very active in all church activities. She values the deep faith of her mother and the hard work of her father. She remembers them with much gratitude and love. She was an average student in her studies. Her school was situated far from her home and she had to walk a long distance as a student.

Her Vocation

She was the first one to receive a religious vocation from her family. Her desire to become a religious came in her when she was an eighth grader. As she completed her high school she met with Fr.Thomas Vadakekary, her neighbour, the then parish  priest of Pithora and expressed her desire to become a missionary. Few days later, to her joy and surprise she learned that there were also some of her classmates, now our Srs.Archana, Francina, Deepthi and Anupa who came up with the same desire to be missionaries. Fr.Thomas gladly introduced them to the Medical Sisters and the need for missionaries in north India.  Sister remembers that they had no patience to wait.

In mid 1986 Sr.M.Johncy, then a candidate was in Kerala for holidays. The five of them joined her when she returned to the North. After Completing one year of Candidacy she was sent to Ranchi for one year Teachers’ training. Sister professed her  first vows in 1992 and said her Final YES in 1997.


Sr.M.Rosmi has a post graduate degree in arts. She completed ‘Bachelor of Education’ in the year 2006.

Her Apostolate

After professing her first vows Sister served for several years as a staff in the Jabalpur diocesan School,Bharat Jyothi/ Mandla and in the Capuchin Fathers’ institution, St.Peter’s School at Nanpara. Presently Sr.M.Rosmi serves as the Principal of our St.Francis school/ Pithora.


Sr.M.Rosmi is grateful to God for making her His own and she treasures her vocation as a precious gift from the Lord. She regards her parents and sisters in community who have helped her to grow in His love.