Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Angelika Domarecka

Sister M. Angelika tells us a moving story of her life and vocation. 

In memory of my brave mother

The story I want to tell you took place 50 years ago. When my mother found out she was pregnant, she made an appointment with the doctor. Because she was 40 years old, she felt a little embarrassed, but she was very happy to be with child again. Unfortunately, when she went to see the doctor, something really unpleasant happened – a blow to the heart. The doctor told her she should have an abortion because of her age or else the baby would be born physically or mentally retarded. When my mother heard those terrible words, she went straight to church. She asked God for strength and support.

She did not have an abortion and she gave birth to me –Sister M. Angelika. I was born healthy. I had a happy childhood and youth, my parents and siblings loved me. I graduated from a nursing school. I dreamt of studying medicine, but in our financial conditions it was impossible. So I decided to start work and save money for my studies. I started working in the gynecology ward of a hospital in Cieplice. It was there that I met the Franciscan Sisters working there. My ward nurse was Sister M. Irmtruda. I also met other Sisters. My life turned upside down.

I was quite independent at the time: I had a flat, a job and was saving money for my studies. But the contact with the Sisters made me think more and more of a convent life. After a year I decided to become a Franciscan Sister. Everybody at home was surprised at my decision except my mother. At that time I did not yet know why my decision did not surprise her. It was only after my perpetual vows that she told me the truth.

Many years before, when she was expecting me, after that difficult conversation with her doctor, she went to church and offered me to Jesus. This year I am celebrating the silver jubilee of my vows and I thank God for my wonderful mother. I also want to thank my mother, who is looking at me from heaven, for her courage, love and devotion.

There is one more strange thing about this story. Sister M. Angelica worked in Cieplice hospital with the doctor who wanted her mother to have an abortion. Inscrutable are the verdicts and plans of God!