Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. Clara Okamoto

In April of 1950 I entered nursing school.  Holding a dream in my heart of being a Catholic nurse, after graduation I was employed in St. Mary’s Hospital.  I was given the grace to work here as a Catholic nurse.  In the noon hour when I would go to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, the sisters were always offering prayers.  I would slip quietly in the back bench, and found nothing was more enjoyable than daily attuning my heart to the prayers of the sisters.

At this time, I was not thinking about a religious vocation, as it was just the greatest joy for me to join my heart with the prayer of the sisters.  It seems that I was just touched by the prayer of the Sisters and charmed by the sisters’ life as they spent the noon-hour happily walking and conversing together.

As for me I felt it difficult in approaching them, but one day I made up my mind and knocked on the convent door.  It was Sister Clementia who opened the door.  It was through that opportunity that God led me to think about religious life.

After entering, I became ill and needed a time of recovery, so had to give up religious life for a time.  However I received the grace to re-enter and to this day am here.  That journey is long and there were many incidents to overcome, but not abandoning me, God heard my request.

This year I have reached my 48th year of religious vows.  Everything works out in God’s love, and with the support of my sisters and people of good will I greet each day.

Thanks be to God!