Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Amala

I love because He loved me first. 1Jn 4:19


I, Sr. M. Amala was born on September 27, 1974, in a village called Varadarajanpet, in Tamil Nadu. My father was a farmer and my mother a housewife.  We children were helped to grow in faith as my family had a special devotion to Mother Mary, St. Antony and Holy Mass. I grew up among my sisters and brothers, with a desire to become a sister, from a very young age. Sisters in the parish and my own Aunt, who was a religious nun, were a source of inspiration.


I heard the voice of God calling me to join a religious congregation in the year 1992. That same year,  in the month of May, with a few of my school companions, I went  for the ‘come and see’ programme arranged by different religious congregations. I was at home after this experience deciding to join one of those  congregations. It was during those days that a priest from Raipur Diocese visited my house and asked me to join this congregation. Happily, I and one of my companions,  said yes and travelled to north India.

I entered  our congregation on June 2nd ,1992 and there followed four years of religious formation. Those formative years helped me in different ways, especially to grow in faith and prayer. I experienced God’s  blessings and happiness in life. My novice mistress, Sr. Rita, inspired me to live this life with love and commitment.

January 28th, 1997 became a joyful day for me as I said my first yes to God. After a year of religious life in community,I was given the opportunity to study B.A and B Ed. and participate in a nine month course on Franciscan spirituality, as a preparation for my final profession. This course instilled in me a true Franciscan spirit and  these words  of St. Francis became very dear to me “whatever you are before god that you are; nothing more nothing less.”  I made my final commitment January 25, 2003.


Today ,I live serving my community and teaching the students in school. Teaching is a God given opportunity for me to witness Jesus to the non Christian children and parents with whom I come in contact. Through my teaching and life I try to ignite the young minds with the values of the kingdom of God, to build a better world.  


My mother told me once, “Jesus wanted you for himself therefore He created you”. Inspired by these words of my mother and of God’s blessings, I live my life in the spirit of gratitude, love and happiness.