Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister Consolata Haruko Sakita.

My name is Sister Consolata Haruko Sakita.  I came from Miyakonojo in Miyazaki Prefecture.

My family’s religion is Shinto. I began to go to Church at the age of 18, but not because I was searching for faith.  Near the company for which I was working, there was a Church to which my friend belonged, and I went to”kill time” and began to study the Catholic faith.

When I was 20 years old, I was baptized.  My father opposed it, but I could do it secretly, as I lived in the dormitory of the company.  Later, I left the company and went home, where my parents tacitly accepted my having been baptized.  On Sunday, I went to Church by bicycle; it took two and a half hours one-way.  Then, I was asked to come to help at the convent of the Sisters of Maryknoll of Otsu in Shiga Prefecture.  I worked there for a while.

Because I was over the age of 20, people around me were worried and began to recommend that I either become a missionary or get married.  I chose the religious life because I felt anxious about deepening my faith by myself.  A Sister of Maryknoll introduced me to our Congregation.

I cannot speak English.  The Sisters of Maryknoll used English both in conversation and in prayer. I chose this Congregation, because I said to myself, there is no need to speak English.

I entered the community on October 7, in 1963. I made my First Profession of Vows on September 17, 1966.  At the beginning, I worked as a dietician in the food department of the hospital for 25 years.  Now I care for the residents in Maria Villa, a home for the elderly. 

Fifty years have passed in no time. I celebrated Golden Jubilee this year (2016).  With my whole heart I am thankful for the unlimited grace of God and the support of all of the Sisters of our Congregation who have helped me to come this far.  Thank you.