Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Pacyfika

Peace and all good!

On February 2,1985, thirty-two years ago, I asked for admission to our Congregation. Exactly on that date, one year after, I received a habit and the name Sister M. Pacyfika. My first ministry in the Community was associated with teaching catechism and working in the garden in Ołdrzychowice.

I was very scared to work with small children. After the first profession I was sent to study teaching and directed to work in a kindergarten. After completing the study I began working as a catechist and so my earlier dreams came true. After two years I went back to the kindergarten and continued my ministry among children until today. I was entrusted with the care of the whole kindergarten. It is nice when later our graduates bring their own children to our premises.

Over the years, needs of our society were changing and new challenges emerged There are still more and more children willing to attend our facility. There are currently three groups of children (ca. 64 children). It is not easy to meet all the demands that are made by the current regulations. Hence the decision was taken to expand the building and adapt it to current standards and regulations. Thanks to the involvement of parents, among whom  are the architects, a design of expansion and modernization of our kindergarten has been developed. Currently, on new foundations, under the care of St. Joseph, the new building is being erected, which will be connected with the current kindergarten.

It is for us a very difficult challenge, but we entrust ourselves to the prayers of the Sisters. I hope that with God's help and commitment of friendly people the started building project will serve future generations of children and parents.