Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. Maria Magdalena Jardin

Shortly before my Silver Jubilee, I may share here my vocation story.
In 1967, I was born into a family that owned and operated a family style cafe-restaurant. Being the oldest one, I grew up with all the responsibilities connected with running this business. In our family, the Catholic faith was naturally practiced and I was very proud of being one of the first altar girls to serve during the liturgy.  Already in those days, the liturgy and the spiritual traditions of our church attracted me.  I was particularly pleased, when I was able to participate as an altar girl in the international celebration of the Eucharist on the occasion of the annual pilgrimage to Banneux / Belgium. This Marian shrine has immensely influenced me.

We two sisters had a common hobby: riding! We had the privilege of having our own horses. After finishing our duties in the cafe-restaurant, there was still time for the horses. As a teenager, I noticed more and more frequently, that the adults looked at me "as the next generation", who would lead the business. I then realized what was expected of me - and I got "claustrophobia" -inwardly and outwardly, because the business always had priority.  It was during this time that there was an inner impulse, my childlike faith became a mature faith. Deep inside of me a new language for a new inner commitment to God, to Jesus Christ, evolved.

Suddenly one day, I had the feeling that I had to get away from these expectations and leave the routine. My father had understanding for me and so, at the age of 17, I moved away from home.  I applied for an internship at hospitals and nursing homes, and the like in the vicinity.  And here is the point: wherever I applied, without exception, I met our sisters, although there were many different religious communities in the region! That made me very attentive and did not leave me in peace.

Finally, I made a nursing internship in "Maria Trost", near the Motherhouse and observed everything that had to do with the sisters. After completing the nursing exam, again in a city where our sisters were living, I entered the Congregation. God Himself showed me the important thing: everywhere Franciscan Sisters of Münster / St. Mauritz.

In the belief that God himself opens the doors on our life paths, I gladly lived for seven years in St. Rochus Hospital, Telgte, for one year in Krefeld and now I am almost a "Kielerin" after 17 years on the Baltic Sea. These places also have an inner connection, which only the all loving God knows. In this confidence I will celebrate my Silver Jubilee of religious profession in April of this year - in Münster and in Kiel! Deo Gratias!