Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Teresa Wawrowicz

I'm Sister M. Teresa. I was born on May 7, 1989  in Gliwice/Upper Silesia. And although I lived in front of a church, it was not always close to me. When I was about eleven years old, I started moving away from the Church, away from God. I did not see the sense of spending time in a church among so many serious people who returned sad after God entered their hearts. All the people I observed looked like being punished. My faith was weak and I quickly became discouraged. In place of God in my heart began to appear various attractions. Under the influence of friends, year by year I became more and more bold and enjoyed the life’s pleasures.

It was only at the end of junior high school that I started to think. It came to me that my life made no sense. It was a difficult time in my life. There was a great emptiness in my heart. I left all my friends. Always surrounded by numerous people, I was suddenly completely alone. Of course there was my family with me. But I could not talk to them. But how could I tell my parents that I have lied to them? After all, they loved me and trusted me. In this emptiness, in this loneliness I received a great favor.

One day I heard the bells of my church and felt the desire to enter the church. And there God was waiting for me. I stared at the tabernacle. I was not sure if He was there. But I took a chance and started talking to Him. And I think this was that moment that my heart opened to God. Then the adventure with Him began. He was really taking care of me. When I told Him I could not be alone - He invited me to a youth group meeting. There I met people who were close to Him and they were normal! Since then the Church has become my home. I can no longer imagine life without the Church.

In that way many years went when I was getting acquainted with Christ. I just searched for opportunities to be with Him. I participated in various services, retreats, focus days, etc. because my heart still wanted to be with Christ. Then, as every year, I took part in the pilgrimage to Czestochowa. At that time I was 18 years old. Ones, on the pilgrim way, after several more kilometers, when every further step became perceptibly painful, the thought of becoming a Sister arose. Of course, just as quickly, I wanted to get this idea out of my mind. It seemed to me that only holy persons enter a Congregation.

But the thought gave me no peace. When I asked my Lord what He thought and what plan He had for me and my life, He gave me signs which were clear to me. They have strengthened me in the conviction that it is His will that I belong to Him forever. This awareness was not easy for me. He forgave me my past, but I could not forgive myself. I had always remembered my earlier behavior. I had to forgive myself, only then I could answer His love, perceive His invitation.

At last came this special day. It was September 8, 2009 when I took the path of community life in the Order. It is hard for me to express what one feels at this moment. I had the impression that my heart is too small to handle this overwhelming feeling of joy and peace.

In our Congregation I dealt with different works. I helped in the kitchen, a little in the garden, but also in the bakery. I spent the time to be close to God, to get to know the life of the order community and to fathom the evangelical counsels. I worked as a nurse at the nursing home in Groß Döbern and for a number of years I am a clerk, first at the secretariat of the nursing home. During this time, I also studied finance and accounting at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Opole. I am currently working at the nursing home in Opole as an administrative employee and a household assistant. My duties include personnel administration, supply of food and household items and the preparation of the weekly menus.

In addition I participate in a vocation pastoral of our province where we organize different meetings, etc. with young people together with other sisters.

Every day I discover the joy of being loved by the Lord and thank God for this beautiful gift.