Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Kazimiera Faszinka, OSF

My religious vocation matured gradually over several years.  After studying in a vocational school, I worked as an assistant in a laboratory of a dairy. The atmosphere at work was full of warmth, joy and respect for other people. That is when the first thoughts about religious life began to awaken in me. In my home parish, Franciscan Sisters lived and worked, so I began to look more closely at their lives. I started to attend regularly youth meetings run by the sisters. One day one of the sisters surprised me with the question: "And you will probably join the order, won’t you?"

Shortly after this incident, I was returning home after work and a gypsy accosted me. She wanted to tell my future by “reading” my hand. When I refused, she was finally resigned and waving her hand, pointed to the nearby monastery and said: "I know that you will go there anyway".
When I told my parents about my intention to join the convent, they were very much opposed. My mother was crying and my father was angry. It took some time. While I was working, I was slowly buying things I needed for the monastery. From time to time, my Father had serious conversations with me, my mother was silent and time passed.

One of the Sisters encouraged me to pray a lot for my parents and to offer the Holy Mass or the Holy Communion and so over time my parents' attitude began to change.

It also happened that my eldest sister got married that memorable year and on October 4, 1976, I crossed the threshold of the monastery.  So it has been, now over 40 years seems as one day.

In the community, after the time of initial formation, I worked in many institutions; often as a sacristan. I am currently working in a laundry room in a nursing home for older people run by our sisters and I am responsible for the sacristy.