Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Pacis

I was born on October 6, 1933 in a small town Rozmierz in Silesia. (October, the month I was born, is the month that is especially dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary). In my family, there were quite many priests, nuns and monks: my uncle was a priest and missionary, my cousin was a priest, too, and my two aunts and one cousin belonged to our Congregation: Sister Polycarpa, Sister Ulfrida and Sister Marysia. I thank the Lord for all of them because I know it is God’s grace.

Today, I am 81 and when I think about my life I can see very well that God has been leading me and taking care of me – sometimes in a strange and surprising way. When I joined our convent, my mum told me something moving:

In 1933 my cousin, Sister Marysia, joined the American Province of our Congregation. At that time my mum was expecting a baby. Before my cousin left for the USA she had told my mum: If you have a daughter, I will pray to God that she will become a nun.

And that was me. Since my childhood Sister Marysia was especially close to me although I had not met her. I used to be told that she lived overseas in the Congregation. In her letters she always asked my mum how I was, what I was doing etc. although my mum had six children.

In primary school, when I was in the fifth grade, our teacher asked us what we wanted to do in the future – without a second thought, I answered, I wanted to be a nun. My teacher was really surprised and said that in his opinion it was quite impossible.

In 1958 Sister Marysia arrived in Poland for her first holiday. I spent all my time with her. Once, on a Thursday, we went to Szczepanowice to visit our relative Sister Ulfrida. On Sunday, I was to go to the shrine of St. Anna in Silesia, to take part in the church feast day, but I did not – instead of that, I went back to Szczepanowice. Sister Ulfrida was surprised when she saw me again but she did not know that I came back to join the convent. I could not wait anymore and two weeks later, I was a pre-novice in Ołdrzychowice , Kłodzkie.

When I met Sister Marysia for the second time, I was Franciscan. I was dreaming of being like Sister Marysia or like my aunt Polycarpa – a missionary and a nurse. But Jesus’ will was different.

Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus - my patron saint, dreamed of being a missionary but she was never sent to another country. However, she is proclaimed as the patron saint of missionaries. In my life, it happened in exactly the same way. I have always dreamed of foreign countries but now I work for our Province doing tailoring. I have been making the habits since I joined the convent. I am also an organist in our parish and I cycle there every day. My mission (being a tailor and an organist) makes me so happy and everyday cycling helps me keep fit.

I keep thanking God for everything He gave to me.