Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Jacintha Nil


I am precious in the sight of God, unique, rare, important and unparallel in the history of this world. No one is like me. I am special in God’s sight and I thank God today for the trust and confidence He has in me to carve my name in the palm of His hand. I am Jacintha Roselin named in the congregation as Sr. M. Jacintha was born on May 22, 1983. Being the first born in the family of Mr. Micheal & Mrs. Savariyammal, I enjoyed the most. I have a sister and a brother. Originally belonging to the native of Tamilnadu, presently settled in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

My Vocation

God’s plan for me is my vocation and it is a free personal gift given to me by Him. It’s my childhood desire to be Religious. How this sprouted in me is not known but of course my parents, Uncle Priest and teachers have played a vital role to nourish and to give life to this desire. I joined after completing class tenth in 1999.


I firmly believe that God gives me the grace to fulfill His will in my life for my studies. After joining the congregation I completed my Class 10+2, Degree in B.Sc and now pursuing to get through M.Sc. After My First profession I was in Jyoti Bhawan, Jhalap as a member thereafter I went for my regular studies. At present, I help in the Provincialate office and teach catechism in the parish.


Jesus is handicapped and so he chooses me to be His hands, feet, heart and voice. I am a sign of the kingdom of God and my consecration sets me apart as a sign and covenant of God’s eternal love. I will strengthen my commitment, my dedication to the person of Jesus and continue to give life.