Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Jincy

“I found him whom my soul loves.
I held him and would not let him go.” Song of Songs 3:4

My childhood
I, Sister M. Jincy was born as the second daughter to my parents, Mr. Berlin and Mrs. Angelmary on May 23, 1986 in Poothura, Trivandrum district, Kerala. I am blessed with two sisters, the elder sister is a religious nun in the congregation of Dorotheans of Sacred Heart and the youngest is married and has two kids. The seed of faith grown in me through my grandparents and parents which helped me to grow in the love of God. The call to religious life inculcated in me from my childhood and my parents helped me to grow in the same.

I firmly believe God had a wonderful plan even from the time of my conception and it is personal gift to me. My mother attends holy mass daily and she taught us to do the same. My parents were very religious minded and strict to all the spiritual practices and we were very close to the church activities. Through the life of my parents and through their inspiration the desire to become a religious sister grew in me as I grew up.  My grandmother also was an inspiration for me who told the life stories of various saints. My desire to become a nun fulfilled through my parish priest and I was happy to meet our sisters who came to introduce about our congregation. Knowing nothing about the life in front of me and the place far from my home land I stood courageously to my conviction. I trusted in the providence of God and responded to His call by joining the congregation after completing class 10 and came to Raipur, Chhattisgarh, 2001. My life in the formation period helped me to grow in my personal and spiritual life. Having experienced God personally and His unconditional love towards me with conviction I committed my life to God on May13, 2006 and I said total yes to my God through my final commitment on June 02, 2012.

Qualification and mission
I was given opportunity to do Masters in English literature and Bachelor in Education and at present doing Bachelor in theology studies in Bangalore. After my first profession, I had given many responsibilities in different fields such as school, hostel and pastoral field through which now I am strong enough to take up any responsibilities that are entrusted to me. I am grateful to all my sisters who played a vital role in my religious life.

I thank my God for his precious gift of my vocation and I too remember with greatfulheart my family, Parish Priest, Fr. Theodacious D’cruz, Vocation promoter and Formators and my Companions for being a source of inspiration and support in my personal life. I am happy to be a member of our international congregation and thankful to all my sisters. I long always to be His own and only His own.