Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Dolly Kunnel

“I have called you by name, you are mine.”
Isaiah 43:1

I, Sister M. Dolly Kunnel was born in Idukki District, Kerala. My parents are Mr. Mathew and late Mrs.Mariyakutty.  I am fourth among eight children.  I have one elder brother, two elder sisters, two younger brothers and two younger sisters.  My father was a farmer   and mother was a house-wife.   I am born and bought up in a catholic family. My parents are God fearing and go to Church daily to attend Holy Mass. I was given good faith formation at home. My parents and my teachers in the school inspired me to practice the Christian faith and to live the values of Christian life. The life of religious sisters in my parish were very inspiring to me.

I did my primary education in a school administered by our diocese. The high school education was in a government school. When I was doing my high school, I had the desire to become a Nun.  After completing High School, my desire to become a religious became stronger.  Fr. Thomas Vadakekary, then the parish Priest of Pithora introduced me to our congregation.  On 09. September 1985, I arrived at Pithora without knowing anything about the place or the congregation. My parents and the teachers have paid a vital role in my vocation.  I thank the Lord for my precious gift of my vocation.

I had deep desire to become a sister and to be a missionary to serve the poor. During my formation, I was convinced of my choice. I was so grateful that I could join our   Congregation.  I felt in my younger days of formation, that I am called to listen to the cry of the poor. It is deep within me even today. The formation period was a time where I deepened my faith in God and experienced God’s immense love and mercy. 

I made my first profession to the Lord on 25 January 1990 and on 02, February 1995 the final profession.  I celebrated the Silver Jubilee of my Religious profession in 2015.

After my first profession, I continued the academic studies.  I had the opportunity to study a diploma course in Theology and faith formation in Bangalore and a one-year religious formation program in St. Louis University in Missouri/USA.   In the year 2006, I completed my masters in social work.  There were many opportunities for me to attend short courses like Leadership, Spiritual Direction and Counseling and Capacity building.

I was entrusted with the formation ministry for a three-year term.  Then I served in many of our communities, collaboration ministry with other organization. At present, I am in the second term of office serving as the Provincial superior to our province. 

I found real joy and satisfaction in working with the poor and the marginalized people where ever I served. I was touched deeply in my heart by giving my love for the poor and needy through social service. I was grateful to God that HE used me as a blessing to the poor. It was an experience of encountering Jesus through the powerless and poorest of the poor. I realized the joy of my own vocation.

I thank the Almighty God for using me an instrument for his people. I thank my parents for the seed of faith sown in my life. Their faith and religious practices in my family allowed me to face the challenges in my missionary journey. I thank the Lord for the love, care and acceptance I receive constantly from my parents, brothers and sisters. I thank my Congregation for nurturing it through timely guidance, their trust, support and prayers. I am grateful to all my superiors and formators for placing their trust in me and supporting me throughout the years of my committed life. What I am today is a gift of God. I have nothing gained except the joy of belonging to Him. I am grateful to my parents, brothers and sisters and especially to my congregation who gave me various opportunities to spread HIS love. I do thank my friends who helped me to experience the Love of Jesus, and helping me to face the challenging situations of my personal life. May the good Lord bless every one!