Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Princy Vadakadath

I, Sister M.Princy was born on 18th October 1962. Mr. Varghese and Mrs. Rosy are my parents. I was born in a village called Poovathussery, Trichur Dt., Kerala, India. My father is a farmer. I am the eldest among five children. I have three brothers and one sister. I studied in my mother’s village because the school was very far from my house. I was there still 7th class. In the High School I joined in my village in Poovathussery. 

In my very young age when I was in class one my class teacher was a sister and she was very simple and humble and I liked her very much. From then on  I had a desire that I want to become like her. I went to the Church whenever there was a holiday. And often I sought guidance from the sisters.

When I completed my 10th class my priest uncle came for holidays. Till that time I never expressed my desire to join the convent to anyone. Few days before my uncles going back to the mission station I said my grandmother that I wish to become a sister. At that time my father was admitted in the hospital so I did not tell him about it. Within few days everything was ready and my father came back from the hospital. I started my journey to Pithora along with my uncle. When we reached till Bhilai Sr.M.Gerburg came to pick me. It was a rainy season so on the way we could not reach Pithora because the way was blocked because of rain water. So we took another way and reached Pithora on September 8th.

Joyfully I cherished the beginning years of my life in the Congregation. I gratefully remember the guidance and help given by our sisters. The formation period enabled me to shape and mould my personality and to become convinced of my vocation. Responding to God’s call I made my First Profession on January 25th 1988. Being in different communities beginning from Pithora, I enjoyed my religious life in the community.  

I am happy when I look back into my past life. I thank God for everyone who enriched me, taught me of the richness of life and helped me to grow in life. I thank God for all those who have accompanied me during the ups and downs of my life to live my vocation in its fullness.