Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Valsa

“The Lord has done great things for me Holy is His name”.

My Childhood

I, Sr. M. Valsa Edathichira, was born in Kerala / Allppey District. My parents were the late Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Thresiamma Edathichira. We are eight children: six boys and two girls. I'm the sixth one after five boys. My birth brought so much joy and happiness to the family because my parents and grandparents were longing for a baby girl. My father was very fond of me. The happy memories of childhood remain evergreen, growing up with brothers were so caring and loving. Father had a business of coconuts and mother was a house wife. Both parents were God fearing and were of deep faith. My family is rooted in Catholic faith and values. My parents had a special respect for priests and religious and were highly impressed by their committed life.



The Edithichira family is blessed with many religious and priests. I was encouraged and inspired by their lives especially by my Aunty, Sr. Blanca, a Holy Cross Sister. Whenever she came for holidays at home, I was deeply touched by her prayerfulness and disciplined life, which led me to choose the religious life. My grandmother was also a source of inspiration; she told the life story of various Saints. The story I liked most was St. Theresa of Child Jesus.

After completing the high school studies, I was planning to join my Aunty’s convent. But my neighbor, Fr. Mathew Valiyathara, who belongs to the Raipur Diocese, came for holidays and told about the congregation of the Medical Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi. I joined the congregation in Pithora in 1982 along with my companion Sr. Shygi. Thereafter eight sisters more from our parish followed and joined the congregation. I also have two cousins, Sr. M Sabeena and Sr. M. Johncy in the congregation.


After completing one year of candidacy, I was sent to the Montessori Teacher’s Training program in Ranchi. I made my first profession in 1988 and final commitment in 1993. I did my post-graduation studies in English and earned a Bachelor of Education in 2006.


I worked in kindergartens and schools as a teacher as well as the head of the institutions and the religious communities. At present, I work in Anjali Higher Secondary School, Pithora, as the Principal. I have also worked in formation with the sisters in initial formation and with junior sisters.


I thank God for my vocation and the wonder of my being. I am ever grateful to my parents who sowed the seed of faith and thankful to my congregation who nurtured the seed, through guidance, support and prayers.God Bless All.