Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Leena Kannampuzha

Leena was born on Nov 28,1967, at Kodussery, Kerala State. Born and raised as a daughter of a farmer, she grew up with her 2 bothers and 3 sisters through the ups and downs of life in one another’s company. By nature, she recalls, “I was a happy and a pleasant child, loved nature, birds, plants, trees, streams and rivers. It was a thrill, awe and wonder to be surrounded by the mysterious nature.”

Being touched by the Lord

During her days in boarding school, she was touched by the Lord through the Sisters with whom she lived. She remembers, “My prayer was: ‘Help me, Jesus, to become a religious Sister to serve you’.” Watching a film called Bishop Romero stirred her to long for becoming a missionary.

Being inspired by Mother

“During family prayers, I saw my mother, especially in times of struggles and difficulties, with folded hands, kneeling with great devotion, holding all of us looking at the face of Jesus and freely talking to him. I found her peaceful and contended. Therefore even now just looking at Him I get the feeling that He looks at me. This is life-giving and strengthening to affirm time to time at the cross roads of my life that God hears, sees and understands.”

On the Process of being moulded by God

Though it was painful to leave her home, she wonders at the way things happened in her life, as if everything was arranged by someone. At the time of farewell to teachers, a sister gifted her Bible and a rosary, very symbolically now she looks at it as the source of her life.

Moved to a wider world

She studied women’s development during teacher’s training in Hindi, as well as philosophy and Bachelor of Theology (BTh) for 5 years at the Pontifical Seminary in Bangalore. Theological studies opened the way for proclaiming the Word of God in a simple manner by giving retreat to the working girls, youth and women in different parishes.

As she returned from Bangalore in the year 2000, she was entrusted with the duties of accompanying the junior sisters, elected as a councilor in the Regional administration and as a superior of Regional house for 6 years, also as a president of CRI in the diocese.

At present she is entrusted with the responsibility of accompanying the Postulants and Novices. Along with these assignments, she makes use of the opportunity of visiting prison, giving retreats and classes to youth and women. It is a thrill to make use of every opportunity in life.

“Rejoice always, pray constantly, and give thanks to God in all circumstances of life” (1Thess 5:16-17), are the 3 motivating factors that impel me in life as a religious.”