Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Lilly Koikara


On New Year's Day 1963 a girl child was born to Mr. Rockey and  Mrs. Alia. This was their  first child and she was to have a sister and two brothers.  This took place in Kottamam, India, a small village in the District of Ernakulam in the middle of Kerala.  


In Kottamam the people do the weaving of the bamboo mats from which they make papers. Her parents also did this same work for some time. Everyone in the family learned to do this work through which they made their daily living. 

A journey towards goal  

For some time they lived with the extended family. After few years her parents moved to a small house where she grew up and had her schooling. She studied in the convent school which is run by the Franciscan Clarist Sisters. While she was studying in class 2, her right hand was burned by boiling water for which the sisters took a lot of care. Seeing their selfless service and love, the desire to become a sister started to grow in her.   After class 11 all the catechism students were invited for a vocation camp to a Francican convent in Alway in Kerala. There she came to know more about St. Francis and St. Clare. This was an inspiration for her to join a Franciscan congregation. All the girls have received a leaf let with the addresses of different congregations. She, along with Sr.Sophia Puliadan, wrote a letter to our congregation at Anjali Niketan, Pithora.  When she received the reply, she expressed her desire to her parents for which they gave permission. 

The seed sprouting up in the religious life.  

On July 18, 1983, she left her home with her father. After a three-day journey she reached Pithora where the seed fell into wet soil and began to sprout. The formation helped her nurture the seed of vocation. Sr.Lilly made her first commitment on November 22, 1986. 

Ministries in Religious life  

In 1987, she was sent to Assisi Bhavan,Ramgarg,.Bihar. After a year, she went for Vocational Training Programme,Accountancy and then typing at Hazaribagh for two years. After her study she was appointed as a treasurer-cum-accountant in Ramgarh community. She said her final 'yes' to the Lord on h Jan. 25, 1992.   In 1996 she was transferred to Anjali Niketan, Pithora. From 1997 to 1999 she worked in Valiavely, Trivandrum as an accountant in the community and pastoral worker in the parish. In 1999 October she was again transferred to Anjali Niketan and in 2006 she came to Assisi Sadan community and working as an accountant in Anjali Vidyalay. She also takes some classes there.  

Sr. M.Lilly is happy in her present ministry. May God reward her for sharing her story.