Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Siji Manjaly

Jesus Christ has made me His own (Philip 3:12)

Siji Manjaly is the youngest daughter of her parents Ouseph and Mariam. There are six children, three sons and three daughters. Siji was born on 16th May 1974, in a village called Mallussery, Ernakulam Dt., Kerala State known as "God's own country". Her family is an agricultural family, earn their livelihood by cultivating vegetables, spices, paddy, arrack nut, coconut etc. As a child, she witnessed her parents' hard work to feed the whole family. She used to help them especially during paddy harvesting time. She cherishes the sweet memories of her childhood.    

After completing her pre-primary education, she continued her study in a Government school. She was an average student.

The desire to become a Religious Sister budded in her while she was studying in 10th standard. The catechism teacher inspired her to choose the life. During a three-days vocation camp, after listening to a Sister's mission experience in North India, she decided to dedicate her life for the missions. But by the force of her parents she joined in the college. After two months , two of her friends (Riji and  Reji)told her that they are going to North India to become Religious sisters. Everything was ready for them to go. They asked if she wished to go. At once she said 'yes'. So they helped her to write a letter and two weeks later she received the letter of welcome. She was so thrilled to receive the invitation and left home on August 21st 1989 and arrived in Pithora on August 23rd.

However after some days she had home sick. Slowly she adjusted with new place and with the Sisters. In the first year she learned the languages, English and Hindi, and about the Congregation and religious life. After one year she was sent for 10+2 study (Higher Secondary Education.) for two years.

Further the religious formation period of one-year postulancy and a two-year of novitiate were completed. This period has shaped and moulded her, like in the potter's hand. At some point of her life she doubted her vocation. After discerning well and, with God's grace, she made her first vows on 23rd January 1996. After this she studied for Bachelor of Science.

She received the opportunity to study medicine in in Czech Republic from October 2001 to September 2007. Between times she was blessed and lucky to make her final 'Yes' to the Lord in the land of Germany where our Congregation was began and from where the Indian mission was an offshoot. Her brother's presence in Germany on that day doubled her joy.

After her medical education she returned to India and received the approval of foreign qualification by Indian Medical Council. About her experience she said that she could meet people of different countries and share culture, life and tradition with one another. It was an international and intercultural unique experience for her. Now she feels she is more close to international community and has more contact with the sisters of other provinces. She is grateful to God for this wonderful opportunity and for belonging to an international Congregation.

Since February of this year, she has been working as a medical Doctor in Anjali Health Centre Pithora, State of Chhattisgarh.