Generalat der Krankenschwestern vom Regulierten Dritten Orden des hl. Franziskus

Schwester M. Gilla Potthoff

✝ Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

You are in life. You are in death.

You are the love, o good God!

(Hymnal Gotteslob 819)


Sister M. Gilla was born on September 20, 1926 in Ottmarsbocholt. She entered our Congregation on January 28, 1950 and made her first profession of vows on October 28, 1952.

Evening of January 15, about 8:20 PM, she gave back her life into God’s protective hands. May her wish come true, in what she always put her trust: to find her last perfection and her eternal home in heaven.

With love and gratitude we take our farewell from Sister M. Gilla and commend her in prayer to the presence and benevolence of God.