Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Leonata Honermann

✝ Saturday, March 9th 2024

I place my trust in your hands my spirit.
You have redeemed me, Lord, you faithful God.
(Psalm 31:6)

Jesus Christ, whom she awaited trustfully, has taken to heavenly home our dear Sister M. Leonata, née Gertud Honermann, Hospital Sister of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.

Born: March 01, 1932
Entrance: October 07, 1953
Profession: May 03, 1956
Died: March 09, 2024

Sister M. Leonata grew up with her ten siblings in Legden. Her father was an official of the railroad and often had to travel for his work. It was on the shoulders of the mother and the older siblings to take care of the family and to educate the children. Gertrud followed her Sister, our dear Sister M. Alberika, into the Congregation. Here, the celebration of the Eucharist became more and more important to her. The Eucharist and the participating in community life were repeatedly her source of strength.

The name of Sister M. Leonata is associated with the two towns of Sendenhorst and Seppenrade. From 1960 to 1984 she worked as a surgical nurse in Sendenhorst. Later she became assistant superior. She prepared herself for these ministries through training and continuing education which she always completed with great success.

From 1985 to 1997 she managed the St. Josef’s House in Seppenrade with benevolence and generosity and served all the sisters with warm hospitality. From 1997 to 2012, when her strength began to fail, she worked at the information desk and in the chapel in Recklinghausen and Sevelen. In 2012, she moved to St. Francis House in Nordwalde. This was her home until the end. After a long period confined to bed, she placed her life back into God’s Hands in the presence of her fellow sisters. Often she had prayed with the Psalmist: Into your hands Lord, I commend my Spirit”. She will always be remembered for her positive personality and her generosity.

United in prayer and the Eucharistic celebration, we bid farewell with gratitude to Sister M. Leonata and remain united with her and with Sister M. Alberika.