Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

International General Leadership

It is the responsibility of the general leadership to consider and make decisions regarding the essential matters of the congregation. They are to have concern for the common welfare and for the individual sisters. It devolves upon them to vitalize the spirit and mission of the congregation and to preserve its unity. While remaining faithful to our tradition, they give prophetic vision to the future direction.

General Constitution, Article 162

General Leadership

The General Council is elected by the General Chapter, which meets every six years. The General Council is the highest decision-making authority in our order. The Sisters elect their delegates to the General Chapter at an international level and these delegates represent the Sisters' interests.

From left to right

Sister M. Lima Arackal, General Councilor
Sister Christa Maria Frie, General Councilor
Sister M. Margarete Ulager, General Superior
Sister M. Christella Watanabe, General Vicaress
Sister M. Rita Edakkoottathil, General Councilor

The General Treasurer

Sister M. Beata Kapica, General Treasurer
and Ines Pleggenkuhle, Assistant Finance and Controlling

Mr. Martin Krawinkel, Finance Managing Director

Since October 2020, Mr. Martin Krawinkel has been supporting our International General Administration as Financial Director in the Generalate.

Based on four decades of professional experiences and expertise in banking business, Mr. Krawinkel supports us in our diverse ministries nationally and internationally.

Generalate Status under Civil Law

The Generalate of the Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis e.V. is a registered society, local court Münster, VR No. 3920. The headquarter is in Germany, St. Mauritz-Freiheit 44, 48145 Münster. The Statutes are valid in their version of March 25, 2014.
The Board of the society comprises the Sisters from the Congregation’s General Superior, General Vicaress, General Treasurer and the other Sisters from the General Council.
In addition, other persons can be elected to the Board by the Members’ Meeting after prior consent of the General Superior. According to this, Professor Dr. med. Michael Möllmann has been a member of the Board of the “Generalate Society” (Generalate e.V.).

Professor Dr. med. Michael Möllmann, Board member 

The General Administration is supported by

  • Ines Pleggenkuhle, Assistant - Finance and Controlling
  • Hildegard Benölken, Secretary
  • Alwin Fennenkötter IT-Administrator
  • Angelika Guss, Finance and Controlling


  • Marie Brandl