Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

1854 - 1900

Mai 11, 1854
The foundation stone is laid for the new motherhouse and St. Francis Hospital. The Bishop of Münster appoints curate Gerhard Müller to be director of the Genossenschaft, the cooperative society, in St. Mauritz. Curate Müller has already been the Sisters' spiritual director at "Auf der Hülle" for three years.

Jan 24, 1855
Father Christoph Bernsmeyer celebrates his golden jubilee in Telgte with widespread participation and recognition.

Oct 03, 1857
Bishop Johann Georg of Münster consecrates the motherhouse church in Münster St. Mauritz. The congregation numbers some 140 – 150 Sisters in 23 houses.

Jun 02, 1858
Father Christoph Bernsmeyer dies in Telgte, having bequeathed his entire estate to the congregation he founded.

Oct 15, 1875
Because of the Kulturkampf in Germany, and at the request of the American Bishop Baltes, 21 Sisters emigrate to the USA. The first foundation to be established is St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Illinois.

Mai 22, 1878
Three Sisters take over outpatient care in Arnhem, Netherlands.