Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. Bonaventura Sachiko Kataoka

I, Sr. Bonaventura Sachiko Kataoka, was born and brought up in Nagasaki. My parents were earnest Catholics. And my great-grandfather was persecuted for his faith; he eluded a pursuit and lived at Shikokuon, one of the 4 big islands in Japan.

When he returned to Nagasaki, he lost everything, land and property. I was impressed that he did not abjure God and continued keeping faith with the strong mind.

When I was a child, whenever there was an opportunity my mother admonished: "There was no gain if we lose our souls even if we gained the whole world". I am thanking late in my mother.

My vocation

When I visited the hospital to apply for at St. Francis Hospital, Sr. Polycarpa and Sr. Clementia were just visiting in Nagasaki. Fr. Berchmans mistook my intention and he asked me: “Do you want to enter the community? You will see the Sisters immediately.” He took me out to meet them. I was surprised a little and felt somewhat uneasy. I had the dream of becoming a nun since I was a child, because two aunts of my mother’s and father’s side were Sisters. I was surprised; I did not think that my dream would be realized so early.

I pronounced my temporary vows on Oct. 1953 and perpetual vows on October 1958. After working in the hospital for a short time, I went to medical technologist school and radiographer school. After getting a license, I worked as a medical technologist and a radiographer at St. Mary’s Hospital.

You may know that the work of X-rays and inspection was the place that served patients day and night. I sometimes worked at night. One day at midnight an emergency patient came. I did not know that he was gangster. I told him to take off his clothes so I could take an X-ray. As I still could see something on his body, I said again: “Take all off!” He roared “I took off all”. When I looked well, it was the tattoo of a floral design. Though I felt a little fear, I finished taking the X-ray and was relieved.

I have become old. I enjoy spending time with the elderly in our St. Francis Villa- nursing home and I have more time to spare. I thank God for all and also thank our community.