Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Prasanna Tirkey

I was born in the year 1961, in a remote village called Saraitoli, in the State of Chhattisgarh in a family where parents worshipped the Nature and its Creator.

I am the daughter of Mr. Somra (Prakash) Tirkey and Mrs. Bhano (Sukeshini) Tirkey. We   are five children in the family, four girls and a boy. I have a religious Sister. She belongs to the Congregation of Medical Sisters of St. Francis of Dilingan.

I completed my basic education in the parish School, run by the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Ann. The Sisters life style inspired me to become a nun.Their prayer life was an example for me and it helped me to come more close to God. I prayed earnestly to God for making my family members catholic. I was so happy that in the year 1968, all members of my family were baptized. I remember, when I was studying in class three, I told to my class teacher “I want to become a nun.” The great desire to be religious Sister motivated me to complete my higher Secondary school, even though I had to walk 60 km on foot to boarding school. During this time School played a drama from the life of St. Francis of Assisi. I took part in it. I was impressed by his simple life style.

I thought of joining the Franciscan Congregation. My plan was to join after complete the Secondary School. God’s plan and my plan did not match. Some hurdles occurred and wise people advised me to go for teacher’s training. After completing my training, I taught in the school for two years . During this time our Sr. Dibya’s friend introduced me to the congregation and in 1984, I came to Anjali Niketan, Pithora. My elder sister was my guide and support in my initial stage.

With my firm decision, I made first vows in the year 1989. The valuable guidance of my formators, Superiors, encouragement of members and batch mates helped me to grow in the love of God. In the year 1994, I professed Perpetual Vows.

Since 1994, I have been rendering my services in different Schools. At present, I am in Anjali Higher Secondary School, Pithora. (Chhattisgarh). I acknowledge all the support and cooperation I receive to accomplish my assigned tasks.

I am glad and grateful to Almighty God and to my International Congregation, for the love I receive, the trust they have in me, the personal care and concern toward me. I want to be His and His alone and to work for His greater glory.