Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sister M. Sheela

I am Sister M. Sheela OSF, born in the state of Kerala. From my early childhood, strong faith was very present in my life: My parents went to church very regularly, and many of their relatives are priests and nuns. My vocation story begins when I was still at school, living with my maternal grandmother. When my aunts, Sister Mangala and Sister M. Lucy, came home for their holidays, I loved being around them and noticed how joyful they were serving the Lord. This sparked my desire to follow their example and become a nun myself.

This desire was even strengthened by the tragic death of Sister M. Lucy who was drowned in the overflowing river and died at the age of 24, soon after her first profession. After her death, Sr. M. Gerburg and Sr. M. Rosily visited our grieving family to console and comfort my grandmother and other family members. Before they returned back to Pithora at Anjali Niketan, l expressed my desire to go with them to join the Congregation.

In my heart, I feel that it was God's plan that I become a Franciscan missionary.  I am very grateful to my vocation promoters, Sister M. Gerburg and Sister M.  Rosily. For many years now, teaching has been my apostolate. Presently l am working in Uttarakhand State, India.

My total dependence on God keeps me firm to my vocation, and I feel supported by the prayers of many. God continues to strengthen and guide me, to serve in His vineyard. I am grateful to my Congregation for helping me to be so fruitful in my service to the Lord.