Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Sangeetha Thozuthukara

My Story in a Nutshell

My desire is to know God and how to relate to Him began early in my life.

I was born in the northern part of Kerala in India on 22nd Dec.1963; I was the 9th child of my parents. My family was not very rich, but all of us were fed well and cared for by our parents. My father was a farmer and my mother a housewife. Their Christian faith was very deep and they taught us early the lessons of prayer and love.

My Vocation

In 1969 June I started my schooling in Class One; and completed my Higher Secondary School in 1981. Then for one year I taught in a nursery school run by the parish church. Then I heard the voice of God calling me to serve His people of North India. I was restless until I joined the congregation on 13th Nov.1983. There I understood this was the place to which God had called me. In 1984, Jan.20th I entered into candidacy and on 21st Jan.1986 into Novitiate. At the end of two years of Novitiate my ardent desire to become the bride of Jesus was confirmed. I took my first vows on 21st Jan.1988. I made my final profession on 19th Jan.1994.

My Education

I completed my graduation, that is M.A.(Master of Arts), T.T.C. (Teacher’s Training Course),  B.Ed. [Bachelor of Education], and B.A. in Hindustani Music.

My Mission

Then began my real mission of service:  I work within the schools.  For seven years I worked as Head Mistress (leader / principal), one year as vice principal and five years as an ordinary teacher. At present I serve as the superior of our Regional House in Raipur and as a member of our Regional Leadership Team.


I believe that my life is a gift from God and I return His gift by living a good life in loving my sisters and the people of God.