Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Sr. M. Catherine

“I have called you and appointed you to be a sign”.

I am Sister M. Catherine born in Kerala, Kannur.  My parents are Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Mary.  My baptism name is Molly. I have four sisters and two brothers and I am the second among them. Two of my sisters are religious in different congregations, who are working in Italy and Africa.  The elder sister is married and settled in Kerala. Brothers are bachelors, the youngest brother is a teacher in Saudi and the older brother takes care of our parents. My family has been blessed with many religious vocations.

My Vocation

I had the desire to be a religious from childhood onwards but my father had the plan to send me for higher studies. I entered the Congregation in January 1985.  I entered into the novitiate on November 22, 1986 and made my first profession on January 17, 1989.  I am grateful to God for the marvelous blessings He showered on me and my family.  I celebrated my 25 years of Religious Profession with my companions on May 7, 2014. I thank God for my call to be a religious. 


I joined the congregation after the higher secondary school. I did my training as a community health nurse and midwife and worked in our dispensaries.  I have worked in the kindergarten of Anjali Balniketan, Pithora. At present I am working in Ramgarh St. Francis English medium school.


I thank the Almighty God for the precious gift of my vocation and the many who played a vital role in shaping me to be an instrument in the hand of God.