Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

New Provincial Leadership – German Province

From left to right: Sister M. Gabriele Löpenhaus, Sister M. Herbertis Lubek, Sister Sherrey Murphy (General Superior), Sister M. Otgundis Aagten, Sister Leemary Sebastian, Sister M. Hiltrud Vacker.

The Provincial Chapter of the German Province began on July 30, 2017 with the theme

He walked with them! (according to Luke, 24:15 b)
-The way reveals itself by walking”

On August 03, 2017 the 24 delegates of the German Province, under the presidency of the General Superior, Sister Sherrey Murphy, elected the new Leadership Team. 

Sister M. Herbertis Lubek
Sister M. Otgundis Aagten
Sister M. Hiltrud Vacker
Sister Leemary Sebastian
Sister M. Gabriele Löpenhaus

The Chapter of Affairs took place from August 13 to 24th, 2017. The chapter delegates discussed and decided the tasks for the Leadership for the next fours years.   The newly elected Leadership will be installed on September 17, 2017.