Hospital Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis

Visitation in Kazakhstan

Convent building in Shchuchinsk-Karier

Parish church in Shchuchinsk

In the Parish Church of Shchuchinsk

water well in Shchuchinsk-Karier

Sr. M. Arturis, Sr. M. Beata and Sr. M. Weronika

Visit in Osiornoje, on the left Sr. M. Rufina

Convent building in Kamyschenka

Parish curch in Kamyschenka

Sr. M. Beata and Sr. M. Benita

Sr. Christa Maria and Sr. M. Weronika

Dry steppe in Kamyschenka

From August 27, 2017 to September 5, 2017, Sister Christa Maria, General Vicaress and Sister M. Beata, General Counsilor, visited the two convents of the Polish Province in Kazakhstan  for the canonical visitation. 

First, they visited Sister M. Arturis and Sister M. Rufina in Shchuchinsk - Karier. The village is located about 300 km from the capital city Astana. The sisters have been living there for eight years. Both sisters work voluntarily in the parish: they visit the families and they help the elderly. Sister M. Rufina is also a physio therapist. The Sisters live live in a house with a small chapel. Once a week Holy Mass is in the house, on the other days the Holy Mass is celebrated in the parish church.
On September 1, Sister Christa Maria and Sister M. Beata traveled to the second convent in Kamyschenka. Eight years ago, Sister M. Benita and M. M. Weronika, started the mission of the Polish Province in Shchuchinsk. Now they have been living here in Kamyschenka since January 2017. 
The house in which they live, belongs to the parish. It is still a great construction site and it is to be hoped, that the situation improves before the beginning of winter at the end of September.
Both sisters work voluntarily in the parish, teach children and care for the elderly.
The village of Kamyschenka is located about 350 km from Shchuchinsk and 125 km from Astana.
1000 people live here, about 60-100 of them are catholics.
In spring, the situation in Kamyschenka is particularly difficult, because after the snowmelt the village always turns into an island at this time.
At the end of the visitation, Sister Christa Maria and Sister M. Beata had a meeting with the Archbishop of Astana, Monsignor Tomasz Peta.